World-class Customer Insight

World-class Customer Insight

Data. Tools. Resources. We use those to create rich customer insight

Database Covering over 19 million Customers

Award Winning Reward Strategy

Dedicated In-house Specialist team

The evolving and increasingly complex video game market calls for personalised customer interaction and education. That means retailers need to understand and accommodate individual customer behaviour at a much more granular level.

Our customer database covers over 19 million customers in the UK and Spain. This database broadens and deepens our understanding of our customers by providing us with valuable insight into the purchase patterns, payment preferences and gaming behaviour of customers.

We use this customer insight to:

  • select products and purchase quantities, manage inventory, and implement targeted trade and brand marketing and customer engagement initiatives;
  • devise initiatives to increase customer loyalty and value, personalise engagement and target offers, with the aim of developing long term relationships with customers and driving incremental revenue over the lifetime cycle of each customer;
  • strengthen our relationships with key suppliers, by supporting suppliers with product launches and product marketing.